The head office is in Gurgaon, (Delhi National Capital Region) and the team is lead by the President, Directors and Regional Heads of the company.  Vimarsh Development Solutions has its own regional offices for Eastern India in Kolkata, Western India in Surat, Central India in Bhopal, Northern India in Amritsar and Southern India in Bangalore which are managed by the Regional Heads. We have strong links with development sector experts and NGOs for managing large scale field research projects across all regions of India. Besides the core team, Vimarsh has a database of more than 1,000 development sector experts many of which are empanelled with us to provide their services on projectised basis.

Vimarsh has also made a network of state coordinators, district coordinators and block level coordinators for majority of the states where we have conducted large scale surveys & research studies. This network enabled us to hire local field teams and manage them effectively for the success of large scale surveys and demographic evaluation studies.