Vimarsh Does Quality Auditing of Field Survey Agencies for Naandi Foundation

The purpose of this assignment carried out by Vimarsh was to evaluate the quality of field work survey and data collected across 4000 households in 15 states of India including verification whether clinical and anthropometrics measurements carried out or not by various survey agencies working in the states. The objective was to randomly validate the survey being conducted by NAANDI FOUNDATION towards the health, social safety, career aspirations, health and hygiene in about 80000 households across India.  The purpose of the audit was to come out with recommendations on following:

  • Sampling and related aspects which could impact randomness of the survey
  • Quality of data collected
  • Percentage of validity of data
  • Coverage of Households
  • Errors observed and its criticality
  • Confirming on confidentiality and privacy maintained during the survey
  • Level of confidence on the data collected through clinical and anthropometric tests conducted including measurement of HEMOGLOBIN levels of adolescent girls.
  • Validate coverage on questions related to social safety, education, career, health hygiene etc.
  • Assessment of overall field survey conducted by the agencies across various states of India.