Vimarsh implementing NFHS-4 in Karnataka, West Bengal and Punjab

NFHS-4 National Family Health Survey

Main Survey Training at Dharwad, Karnataka

Under the stewardship of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and coordination by the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, Vimarsh is currently implementing the prestigious National Family Health Survey – 4 for the States of Karnataka, West Bengal and Punjab. This is one of the most detailed household level Health Surveys in the world and includes data collection on laptops and clinical anthropometric and bio-chemical tests (health tests) in each household.

The data is being collected using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) on mini-notebook computers. As of now, for the States of Karnataka and West Bengal, Mapping and Listing work has been completed along with training for the main survey teams. The main survey launch is underway. The survey will also be covering clinical anthropometric and biochemical tests i.e. Height and Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Anemia, and for the first time, HIV testing in select PSUs.